Aug 31, 2011

Using His Foot Skillfully

Lately, Hajime is constantly using his iPad.
Out of it all, he is most frequently on Facebook and YouTube.
He skillfully taps the keyboard with his toes.

Today, I got to the hospital late, but when I opened my FB during the day, Hajime was online.
So I sent him a chat without giving it any thought, “hello~”
But I didn’t get anything right away.
I thought, aw~ he probably got off already, but past 3 o’clock I got a reply from Hajime.

“Hello-Mom! Where are you now?”

That message came back.
I was so moved.
I was thinking that I’ll never receive texts or messages, but I was able to see that again.
I thought, Wo~w! He can’t move his body the way he wants to but Hajime sends me a message using his foot. I was deeply touched!

And to his father, he called him using Facetime.
His father was on a phone conference so he couldn’t get it, but overjoyed from the fact that Hajime called.

And today, there was a huge tv and Xbox in Hajime’s room. Hajime can’t do it so I guess it was there for him to see others playing. But I let Hajime use it. He plays it with his foot of course.
He was playing it with his toe! Wo~w!
I was thinking that he would never be able to play again.
Hajime seemed very happy being able to do many things with his foot. It’s the best to be able to think and try different things.

He’s going to practice with his foot!

Translated by CS

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