Aug 8, 2011

Hajime had a red face

Since last night, Hajime felt so hot and got sweat a lot. Usually the
room window must not open, but as nurse said we opened it to have a
cool out side wind to sleep. So, a little bit hummed night.

This morning with his agreement, Hajime took a shower and freshened.
But not really fine.

Hajime felt he got infected something and told me. Me too, wonder if
he got infected judging from smell around his tracheotomy, the amount
of secretion was a bit more, and he felt hot.

We told the doctor, but he told us that the antibiotics he was taking
was still going on, so take 3 more days.

Story goes back and forth, we had a speech therapy after the shower.
And the therapist asked him how was his weekend, and his answer was
"not good." So the therapist asked why. Actually he had to answer by
using his feet, but I replied to it. :P

I told her about the problem we had about CNA on Saturday.

The speech therapist said it was so pity. After that, Hajime could
reply all the answer by using his feet. The questions were like his
birthday, and where his father was, at that moment, or what he was
doing. He got used to using his feet to point the alphabet, and moving
very smooth. However, we forget the alphabet he pointed before, while
he points the next alphabet.

We had the Physical Therapy next. Today Hajime was coughing a lot and
seems really difficult for him, but he went outside. Only a few
minutes he was out there, but later on, he was wandering around in the
hospital. Some twice or so, the alarm warning low battery of his
ventilator, but he did not have any problem with his breathing when he
came back. He could sit on the wheelchair for 30minutes, but more to

After the PT, he was really tired. We do not know if it was because of
his infection, but he felt so hot and more secretion, so Hajime looked
very bad condition.

Last night, he had very red face and got sweat a lot. Was he fine
afterward? I face to PC with the thought of Hajime. Hoping to see his
fine face tomorrow.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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