Aug 14, 2011

Sunday only two of us

Since Hajime was hospitalized, I was alone spending time with Hajime.
Dad, Ryo and Yuki did not come, so it was calmer than usual.

For Hajime, it was very sad for not being able to spend time with his
family as he expected. ... So, I will stay at his room tonight.

This morning, for letting him take shower, a CNA never seen came to
help Hajime. Hajime was scared his appearance, but he was good person
though a little bit missing something. He set his hand when he washed,
cared his neck and so on.

We did not have anything special other than that. It was good slow day.

I talked to the doctor about Botox treatment he had while he was at
Kaiser hospital. In this few days, he had to have suction every 5
minutes. It was about 3months ago he had it. We thought it did not
work, so we never cared about it. But when we wonder why his saliva
suddenly increased, we came to the idea that Botox was working,
because we heard it worked for 3months and just 3months has passed.
So, I asked him if Hajime could have Botox again. Sadly this hospital
could not make it. But alternatives would be tried. The doctor
prescribed a medicine to suppress Hajime's saliva. He can take it from
tonight. I hope it works well.

Hajime loves "Space battleship Yamato." He watches DVD of live-active
version of Takuya Kimura (Kimu Taku) soooooooooo much. Even now he is
focus on watching it. This DVD was a gift from Granpa and Granma in
Tajimi, Japan. He loves it so much! Thank you for your gift!!

His best fun is watching movies and TVs. If you have any DVDs of
"Space battleship Yamato," please send it to us.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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