Aug 7, 2011

He’s not doing so well

This morning we went to the new house again to pick out curtain fabrics and then we went to Hajime’s hospital.
We got to the hospital past noon, but Hajime wasn’t doing so well.
It seems that the same CNA from yesterday was here and Hajime stubbornly continued to ignore him.
So the nurse decided to change CNAs. He really didn’t want him as his nurse.
It’s understandable to not want a nurse that’s not trustworthy.
Maybe because of what happened, Hajime was feeling down.
Poor him…The weekend is the only time without physical therapy when he can leisurely spend his time,
but feeling down like that ruins it.
Perhaps because his physical condition is not too well, I’m worried about the infection again.
The smell from the last infection hasn’t gotten better either…
Translated by C.S.

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