Aug 18, 2011

Good feeling day

Today was the day having a lot of visitors.

Last night Hajime was caring about saliva, so could not fall in sleep
soon. But today, he felt so well, it seemed. So even nurses ware

From last night, I was doing medications instead of nurses. When I was
doing injections, Hajime had a fearful face, but had a smile feeling
well after that.

Today, at the physical therapy, Mark helped us pushing the wheelchair
and we could hear the good conversation from the patio - well, it was
only Mark's voice though.

Speech therapy after that, Hajime was having smily face, too.

After the lunchtime, Mr. Stu who made his dream come true visited
Hajime. He still helps us. He is a real angel! He takes care about the
home care nurse stuff after he is discharged, about a car, and the
wheelchair... He really does his great work for Hajime. I am really
grateful for meeting him.

Around that time, Hajime's 3 High School friends came to see him
Danny, Alex and Kevin. Their smiles was really the best I remember.
Hajime was using his foot fingers to point the communication board to
have conversation with them. Danny is a son of our beloved Joan. He is
alike his mother, very good person.

After that my the very best friends came to see us. Mariko and Noriko.
They are also Christians and we have been friends for ages. They took
their children, so Yuki seemed have fun playing with them. Let them
play at the hospital garden, we could talk freely. It was so fun.

Everyone, thank you very much for visiting us from the far!

I am really thankful to the friends helping our family!

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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