Aug 1, 2011

The Outside that He Missed For Two Months

Until I left last night, Hajime was very anxious, but today he was in a very good mood
and he was able to go out onto the patio on a wheelchair.

I was very happy when I saw this picture.
I started tearing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see it, but I guess it was a physical therapy sitting on the wheelchair for thirty minutes.
It’s been two months since Hajime felt the air outside,

…and I was told that he said, “It’s warm outside.”

I think it’s a big step forward that he felt that way.
“Yes, it was a very fine weather today and it was a hot day.”
There is no other happiness to be able to say this is there?
I was really happy~.

Hajime’s feelings are most important, after all.

Translated by Christine Shirota

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