Aug 6, 2011

The Problem During the Weekends

So many people came to our house today to help us pack and move things.

At the new apartment, our beloved Joan was there with a specialist,
about the curtains, plumbing, fixing different areas,
I just felt strongly that everybody is getting together as one and waiting for Hajime to come home.

Afterwards, we headed for the hospital.

As soon as we got there, I was surprised!
There were several pillows with wet covers under the bed.
And all these other areas were a mess and Hajime was sleeping in the midst of it.

A hospital is a place where it has to always be kept sanitary,
so it is really not okay for a room to be so dirty.
If Hajime’s trach get’s infected and he gets an infection again…
when I think about that I just can’t stop worrying……..

I called today’s CNA(certified nursing assistant) right away.
It was a boy that’s been recently hired,
but he didn’t show any signs of remorse when we pointed out what was wrong
and this CNA ended up quarreling with my husband.
Because they did this in front of Hajime, Hajime started crying and it was such a chaos.
It’s a CNA’s duty to take care of their patients, but all he had were excuses.

We called the charge nurse and had the CNA changed.
The CNA that came later was a female and did really well.
An unsanitary room and doing things that affects the patient’s well being can’t be dismissed.
Again, it was a moment that brought out the bad quality of this hospital.

After that, Hajime was nervous throughout the day and I felt sorry.
On Saturdays there aren’t as many employees and when a problem occurs,
there aren’t any people to handle it and we are really troubled by that.
We had problems last weekend too so I thought I have to talk with them about this more.

The most important thing is to not let Hajime get anxious! Right?

Translated by Christine Shirota

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