Aug 15, 2011

Lively Monday

Alas the beginning of a new week.
Monday is completely different from the weekend and it’s nice that it’s lively.
Maybe Hajime will feel better?

He started to take medication to suppress his saliva from last night, but there weren’t any noticeable difference.
The saliva that comes out of his mouth is deeply affected by Hajime’s feelings and the more he worries about it, the more comes out.
So I think I just have to observe it for awhile.

For today’s physical therapy, so that I could do it alone, the PT just supported his neck, the RT did only what’s related to his assisted breathing, and I tried my best to help Hajime sit on the wheel chair by myself. They rated me as, “Excellent!”…I gave it my best shot.
Practice makes perfect.

Today we took a stroll with the oxygen hanging on the wheelchair so it was easier.

Last time I pulled the oxygen with my right hand while I was controlling the wheel chair with my left hand. This was extremely difficult. We were swerving all over. The RT saw that, looked for it and brought it for us. So it was easy to push the wheelchair today.

OC is a pretty cool area, but it was hot toda~y. We went out for a stroll because Hajime wanted to, but we got drenched with sweat! “I want to go back…”And we headed right back into the area of the hospital where it’s air conditioned. Then we went back to his room, turned the fan on right away…He had the best, “Aw~ this feels so good!” face.
It made me laugh.

Right after that, he showered, and luckily the pair that came to help was the two that talks to him about the games that he’s very much interested so he didn’t complain of any pain. Like I thought, the comfort of getting help from somebody that he feels open to is great. I thought, a trusting relationship is very important.

Today, past noon time, Ikurin and Cynthia brought us lunch. I am so grateful for them all the time.
I am a very blessed person to have a friend who tells me, “Call me right away if anything happens.”

Around dusk, Akira and Acchan brought me dinner. I was happy that I had a fun conversation that I longed to have with them. Everybody, thank you so much for putting my feelings first!

And, and…
Lydia, Bryan and Wesley, friends from Pasadena came to visit Hajime.
Thank you for coming from such a far place.


But the happiest was that our family that couldn’t come yesterday came today. It was the moment Hajime was waiting for! I strongly felt that the happiness that God gives is actually in a very close place. We’re very blessed to be able to feel that. God, thank you for always!

Translated by CS

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