Aug 16, 2011

Finally Eye gage was approved!

The medicine Hajime newly started to reduce saliva seems working well.
Today, we did not care much about it. Until this, medicines for saliva
never worked, so we could become happier not only the medicine is
effective but there is some sort of meds working well.

At the physical therapy, we practiced again for the lift. Today, that
was my turn to carry him with the lift to settle him onto the
wheelchair. Papa was adjusting Hajime's breath by ambu bag. Our
corporation went well and had a good evaluation. But this lift makes
Hajime tired it seems, though.

After that, we had the regular weekly meeting. Hajime was on the
wheelchair, so he joined with us. It must have been a bit hard for
Hajime because he had to sit on a little long. But everyone welcomed
him, so it was good opportunity for him anyway.

The good result from today's meeting was... the eye gage system was
approved finally, which was not allowed how much ever we asked for.
With this, Hajime can communicate with people with blink his eyes, not
using hands and feet. Not only arms and hands, but legs and feet
weakened recently. We wondered why it was not approved till now. Even
we guessed the hospital decided never approving it. Anyway, it will
arrive to our house in this week. We look forward to it a lot.

In this joyful news, we also had a very sad news. It shaken both Papa
and me. In the system of the US, we the migrants have a lot of
problems. Treatment between citizens and us have a lot of difference.
We have to seriously consider about what we will do about this in the

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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