Aug 28, 2011

Finally we got the eye system!

The eye system we have longed so much has finally arrived to our home.

It will be attached to tobii (the speaking device) which Hajime has.
It has been rejected so long time because Hajime could use his right
hand. When Hajime was hospitalized, we informed that his arm muscles
were already weak too much, but still it was rejected to be installed.

But finally, the eye system was approved and arrived to our home!

We used it as soon as it arrived.
A table for a person on the bed was attached, but it was too low to
use it as we wanted. And the system was also very difficult to make a
setting the height of eyes point.

But all the installation went well, so we will think another way to
try. Anyway, we are so happy that the eye system came to us!

Also we had two visitor groups.

First one was Ptricia, Hajime's school mate.

The other was the Noel family who got to know about us by Rafu Shimpo
article. They have thought of something they could do and brought us
dinner! We really thank you!

Hajime seems so happy having visitors. I guess he can only watch TV,
and we were so busy with moving to the new apartment and not being
able to be with him all the time, so he must feel alone. So, if there
are someone who can visit Hajime, please come to see him.

Translated by STK

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