Aug 30, 2011

Even Dreamed about...

Today, Hajime was not really well.

Last night he had such a thing like this...

A CNA was called from Hajime asking changing his bathrobe. But it was
not dirty at all. The CNA believed Hajime saying the robe was wet, so,
came to make sure if it was fine, and the robe was clean and not wet.
Maybe he dreamed of dirty robe.

How pity... The feeling of having had the dirty robe came even into his
dream. I remembered when I saw him not being able to had a clean one
during weekends by nurses, and confirmed it influences his heart. I
really want the hospital to reconsider the care to patients by nurses.

At today's Physical Therapy, Hajime did not want to go out and just sat
on the wheelchair. But maybe because I was so tired, I could not make
him get up well. When I moved his body, it seems like his muscle around
right butt was tugged and a bit painful. I could not pull him to the
edge of the bed with pulling sheets. So it seemed Hajime was a little
difficult to stand up. I felt so bad about myself because of this. But
Hajime tried to make me smile shaking his body. Well, we cannot see
which is encouraged!

But I was healed a lot by his kindness...

Hajime looked so anxious when we went back home. Both of us came home
because we have to give our old apartment key finally. But I am worrying
Hajime as he was not really cheerful.

Translated by STK

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