Aug 4, 2011

I want to hear you one more time...

It seemed he could sleep well last night. From 10AM, at the Physical
Therapy, we did how to let him sit on the wheelchair without help, by
one person.

Like the machine of this picture, place a mat below Hajime laying on
the bed, and hang him up automatically. Certainly we can do it by one
person, but isn't it something that we have this machine at home? The
hospital side thinks to install this to our house - even not the one

But right now Hajime can use his legs, so it is better moving to the
wheelchair by his own without using the machine.

It took a while to let Hajime sit on the wheelchair since hanging him
up by the macine. So he slept as soon as he went back to bed.

In the afternoon, he had a speech therapy. From 1 ~ 15, he speaks. But
as he cannot have his voice out, it is just a mouth. Yet, still let
him move his mouth. The same to the alphabets. The tube of tracheotomy
is located on his throat, so he could not open his mouth a lot, but he
was doing his best.

A therapist asked him if he wanted to let his voice out. But he was
saying "no" clearly. He is afraid of being choked. A lot of fear he
has it seems, and he says he does not want to do.

Later on, I talked with him only two of us. I asked him to do as I
want to hear his voice again. But Hajime was shaking his head saying

When I said "You know, I listen to the recorded voice on my cell phone
because I want to hear your voice," Hajime started crying with full of
tears. I knew again that he felt so sad of lost his voice. I could not
stop crying, either.

I told Hajime "Let's find the joy of life together!" and Hajime smiled
so soft and said "Yes!."

Hajime is really strong, and kind son. I am proud of bore a son, Hajime.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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