Aug 9, 2011

A God Given Gift of Moment

A smile finally appeared on Hajime’s face!

Today was my turn to take the kids with me to the hospital.

When we were on the freeway, my husband called.
“Where are you?”
“Around Beach Blvd.”
“Because Hajime’s asking, where’s mom?”
They were out taking a walk.
After a few minutes, I get another call.
“Where are you? Hajime wants to actually see you coming in.”
Hajime could only be out for several minutes, but he was eagerly waiting for me.

Right after we safely arrived at the hospital. Hajime seemed very happy looking towards our car.
I was so happy! That Hajime was waiting for me…
It was surreal.

Hajime even came to where we get off the car.
But the alarm went off so he went back to his room.
I thought that God gave us this one moment to us.
Thank you God!

Afterwards, Ikue brought Zen and came to see us.
This too made me very happy~.
It is so nice to know that everybody cares.
Thank you Ikurin!

And a home care worker came by to explain to us about caring after discharge.
If we could get this thing called the Medi-Cal, the government will pay for these services so we don’t have new bills to pay for and get service. We chose this hospital because they are excellent with follow up care. I hope we get it.

And today we bought Hajime a fan. Hajime seemingly enjoying the breeze had left it on the entire day. For us it was rather cold with the AC AND the fan.

But we were glad to see Hajime’s smile.
Thank you to everybody who was worried for him.

Translated by CS

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