Aug 23, 2011

A camera from the trach

Today, the first thing we did in the morning was an examination done by inserting a camera into the trach. We were there too.

Because it’s done in the hospital room, we moved everything in the room and we were all ready! In the room there were 2 doctors, 2 RTs, 2 nurses and 3 students.

Before they started they injected some anesthetic and into the trach they put a thin camera way down.
This examination was done to check if there’s any fluid in his lung, but that seemed fine. Next they checked for any damaged around the skin where the trach is.
But when they inserted the camera from his nose, there was so much discharge that we could barely see anything.
They were suctioning along with the camera but because there was so much, they couldn’t get it all and that resulted in us not being able to see in details, but there seems to be no damage to the skin around the vocal cord and trach.

Hajime couldn’t fall asleep with the anesthesia and was getting the procedure done with his whole body trembling.
I can’t help but cry when I watch my son like this.
There are many medical personnel surrounding my son and doing a procedure, watching that…I felt a tremendous amount of fear.

If it happens, I thought I would request to sustain his life, but when I watch my son like this, I feel so bad for him that it made me think whether or not that is the best thing to do for my son.

Translated by CS

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