Aug 24, 2011

Cannot sleep well...

In this few days, we are late going to the hospital. And additionally,
we will be later because tomorrow, Ryo and Yuki's schools are
starting. We will go to the hospital after picking them up. One of us
stay at the hospital in rotation every night. It sometimes troubles
doing trainings. We are doing it so hard for Hajime's discharge.

Today, we arrived after the noon, and we found out Steve brought a
picture. He explained to Hajime a lot, and we were really happy. Next,
Sue has come. For Hajime, they are his very great friends!

But... he seemed little bit exhausted and having a fever. As I
worried, he could not sleep well last night. In this few days, we
could not sometimes stay overnight, and comes around afternoon. So
Hajime missed as so much, it sounded like. Sometimes he wants to be
alone, but sometimes he thinks too much about his disease when he is
alone... I guess.

Me and my husband both are not really well these days. We have big
days, so cannot help it. So, recently we went back to our home to
sleep... It is very hard to be at hospital 3 months... honestly.

Go go, Papa and me!

Anyway, not about us, Hajime had Physical Therapy while Sue was here,
and went out with the wheelchair. It is precious for him being with
his favorite Sue. It heals us when we see them talking with smiles.

After that he went back to his bed and enjoying time with his younger
brother, Ryo. They are so good brothers. Ryo knows his elder brother's
preference, so they watched Youtube and had a fun with conversation.

They are going to school from tomorrow. So it is sad for farewell, but
tomorrow, they are going to meet again.

Hajime is already in a dream because he could not sleep well last
night, he went to sleep earlier. What dream he has?

Oh yes, Hajime gained weight around 5kg! Now he is 44kg! I am so glad!
They will increase the nutrition a little bit. I am so happy seeing a
little bit rounded face of Hajime!

Translated by STK

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