Aug 22, 2011

Good face again, today.

Hajime had a good face again, today. Maybe he could have enough sleep,
as he was sleeping until 9AM.

In the morning, he took shower around 9:30. RT and CNA today were whom
he already got used to, so he could have shower without problems.

At that time, the RT said "When Hajime came here the first time, I
helped you taking shower, but your body did not move like this!"

While Hajime was at Kaiser, as he also had pains from operation scars,
it needed a lot of sensitive care, so we could not make him move so
much. However in this hospital has a lot of activities like taking
showers. So, Hajime can even turn over by his own legs. How great the
rehabilitation is!

Well, it's been 3 weeks moving to this hospital. We need to keep this
situation. So, somehow we should manage to take him shower, we think.
We can put a special chair for Hajime... but how can we move him to
there?? This and that, there are so many things we have to think
before Hajime comes back home!

After the shwer, we had nothing for a while and had a speech therapy
session around 11 AM. Eye gage has not arrived yet. The therapist said
inquiries to the office would be made soon. So, today, she asked him
if Hajime has something to talk to, and brushing teeth. Done!

Today, we did not have Physical Therapy. We thought of going out with
wheelchairs around 11AM... Could we do it ourselves, because our
trainings were already done? Anyway, I don't know, so I will ask about
it tomorrow.

In the afternoon, my husband and I went to IKEA at Costa Mesa for
shopping and looking around some for Hajime. It is close to the
Hospital, so it is very convenient. Anyway, IKEA is so big. It took
so long time to look around the shop. After we finished what we should
do, and rush back to the hospital.

Meeting appointment with the doctor was postponed because the in
charge doctor was sick. Although it was very important meeting and my
husband finished his work earlier to be here on time, it was announced
only about an hour before the time. It had to be announced in the
morning... we could not help.

I worry Hajime's infection. The secretion has some bad colour and a
little bit smells. He is fine now but we worry about him having fever

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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