May 17, 2011


Today because we had CCS (California Children Service) appointment
from the morning, my husband and Hajime went there together.

Hajime had exams of OT/PT, this time.

Because posture of Hajime's neck became better, to keep his muscle
balance, Hajime no longer needs to put the neck corset anymore.

This time we had an instruction for how to lay down on and get up from the bed.

When he gets up or to lay down, put his right hand beside his head (or
the pillow), lay strength onto the hand, then slowly move, either
getting up or laying down. Because he still has strong legs, Hajime
was told it would be good turning around after he bends his legs.

The exam took around 2hours and came home around 10 AM.

From the afternoon, to have Botox treatment, Hajime went to Kaiser.
Officially, it is called Botulinum toxin tipe B.

Around 2spots on both sides of his ears, and another 2spots of left
and right sides of jaws, meaning 4spots he had injections. Though it
was a lot of pain, he stood up so firm. Those moments, Hajime held his
father's hand from his own strongly to bear the pain.

When I heard that, I was in tears... tears again.... Hajime was
looking at his father with his eyes saying "Dad, I am hanging on
it!... Just imagining this made me cry... why won't I?

This injection is to put botulinus bacillus in his muscle to be
paralyzed. This paralysis will inhibit secretion of saliva. It will
take around 2weeks to have enough effect, so we need a little bit more
patience. But we hope Hajime's saliva stops when we are in Japan.

Though Hajime spent a day without me today, it was good opportunity
for him to go out with his father. Seeing their interaction made me
smile, and it made me very very happy.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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