May 20, 2011

School after a bit while

In this few days, Hajime was obviously exhausted and could not even go to the school. I have been anxious seeing him weakening day by day. Everyday I thought "Will Hajime alright today?"

But after he absented school a few days and took enough rest at home, Hajime became better enough to go to school after a little bit while.

And, he spent a day with a caregiver who was assigned from today. It seemed that person was very kind and tender, Hajime told me very smiley. He will be taken care by the caregiver everyday, so I hope it will be good for them to get along together.

Recently Hajime seems very difficult to breath. I am worried so much. These days, he has been getting used to BIPAP, and he can put it until morning. But, will it make him sleep well, because his breathing is weakened?

Oh, how should I schedule the trip to Japan...

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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