May 23, 2011

A Cold?

Today, a morning after the weekend, he seemed to be doing pretty badly as usual. His stomach hurts and his stool is soft. Is it a cold? Is it because the new nutrition is too strong for him? Either way, I’m worried.

Lately, especially because he doesn’t have as much will power to go to school, he can’t get back to his usual self. But we pushed him to go. If he just goes, there’s a helper with him so he’s able to stay at school the whole day.

Just as expected, he stuck it out the whole day again. But, after he got home, he’s now complaining of a sore throat. This really might be a cold….

He seemed to be having a hard time breathing too, so I asked, “Are you having a tough time breathing?” He replied with a hand gesture, “A little,” but lately he really seems to be having difficulty breathing. I am worried about his breathing.

I’m trying to reserve a flight too, but because we’re not getting an approval to take Hajime’s BIPAP machine(it’s not battery operated), we probably won’t be flying economy.

We’re worried about his breathing so there’s really nothing we can do, but. Waaahh, the cost is so high it’s giving me a headache.

Translated by Christine Shirota

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