May 12, 2011

Increasing saliva

All day today, he was troubled by driveling.
Last night, I heard him coughing a lot.

The patch to control drool is not effective as it was... sadly.
And moreover, because of its strength, the rush appeared around it
does not go away.
This makes me being hesitated to put it... though I want to.

If I do not put it, Hajime cannot stop drool.
But putting it still gave him certain amount of it.


So, the suction machine is inevitable.
Yet it is really troubling us to take it to the school because it is big.
Oh, I really hope there are some smaller and easier one to carry around.

It seems Hajime feels difficult to breath because of drool even after
coming back from the school.
The breathing is the big factor making me very anxious.

So, I really hope he will get used to BIPAP as soon as possible.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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