May 14, 2011

Vomit In the Morning

Today, I had a call from the school saying, “You need to pick him up right now!” I was startled.

Hajime threw up near the school gate. He vomited rather a large quantity and his clothes were soiled…..

They tried to call 911, but because Hajime rejected it, they called us instead. From now on, they told us that either my husband or I need to be able to pick him up immediately when the school calls.

He can’t eat right now because his throat muscle is too weak. And I was surprised that he was still able to throw up.  But this is quite dangerous because even if he’s able to throw up there’s a possibility that it might get stuck in his throat and make him choke. I am very worried about what may happen from now on.

I took Hajime home from school and had him rest. Hajime must have been really exhausted because he was knocked out,,, Maybe going to school is too much now, after all?

In the afternoon there was the IEP meeting and only my husband went. They discussed such things as “Maybe Hajime should cut back on his classes.” The “One on One Caregiver” that the school is trying to hire would be hard to keep because if he misses his class or leaves early that caregiver will also lose those hours of work. They also brought up homeschooling him.

This may be the last year that Hajime could go to school by himself. There’s a big possibility that we will home school him next year, every day….

But I’m hoping that he’d get to enjoy at least one more month of school life.

And so a mother thought.

These happenings that occur every day, but if it’s nothing big to matter too much,

If it’s nothing , it would be okay…

Translated by Christine Shirota

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