May 18, 2011

The Dream came TRUE!

Hajime's dream will come true!

On 14th May, we met Mr. Millheiser at the first time, and we had
interview with Ms. Ryoko Nakamura, a reporter of Rafu Shimpo. This
article is posted on today, 18th May.

You can read them online.



Until now, we had a lot of letter and donation from many people. I
cannot read those letters because my eyes are filled with tears... But
Hajime listened to me reading them with full of smiles!

His dream will come true... and now we are preparing for making it.
Special requests on board while the flight, arranging a hospital while
we are in Japan, joining National Health Insurance, applying to the
disables registration, and nutrition brining to Japan... More things
to go through, and we will do our best!

And, please pray for Hajime will stay better and not getting worse
because of the disease progress.

Hoping for the grateful miracles to happen!

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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