May 13, 2011

Difficult breathing

From last night, Hajime had labored breathing.

It must be related to his too much of drool.
Anyway, it sounded very difficult.
It seemed his inhaling could sound whistling.

I was afraid of my Hajime to be pneumonia.

His temperature was normal, but forehead was hotter a bit.
I could not stop worrying him and told him better not to go to the school.
But he insisted to go.

Today, he really wanted to go to the school because a club meeting for
supporting him was taken place.
Well, so I made him go because strong feeling of going to school must
be a good sign.

In this few days, after finishing G-tube at school, he has taken rest
at the school clinic not attending classes...

Maybe his body was screaming for help.
Many facts such as the muscle atrophy on his neck has been progressed,
and lost control of drool disabled many things made his breath
difficult, maybe...

Yet, Hajime seems better now and calm.
Hoping he can rest deeper...

I think I must be careful of him not to have fever.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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