May 22, 2011

Not quite feeling well...

Today, we had Youth Sunday at the church.
This is the event for Youth Group. The all the process of Sunday
Worship are done by Youth Group members.

Hajime vomitted from nostril before going to the church and had
stomachache maybe influenced by morning intake nutrition from the
tube. I dropped him off to the church, though he said he did not want
to attend. It troubled his little brother. But Hajime managed to stay
until the end.

The small change of his physical condition impact when he does not
feel like doing something at that time. So, physical condition may be
influenced by his feeling a lot, I thought.

In the afternoon, everyone went to beach because it was the Beach Day.
However Hajime could not join them. After the worship, though we had
G-tube in our car and tried Hajime to go, Hajime minded his saliva
secreted a lot and gave up going.

Although Hajime is prescribed a medicine to stop saliva, but it seems
not really working. I guess it taste terrible and Hajime avoid it as
much as possible.

Will Hajime have to give up Youth program more times?
When we think of that, it makes us sad.

Maybe this summer will be very significant for Hajime.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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