May 2, 2011

I Want to See the Stars

We went to San Diego as a family from Friday. It is indeed settling and calming in that little time that we go out as a family.

And on Saturday, we went to a friend’s house. Everybody in our family is so touched by my friend who welcomes us every time. They truly are a kind family.

After we left our friend’s house, I saw the night sky that was filled with stars. It was a very beautiful star studded sky.

Our family said “Wow it’s so beautiful!” with excitement in our voices.

But Hajime couldn’t look up and he looked sad. “If my neck muscle didn’t weaken, I could see this beautiful sky…”

I noticed Hajime, so I supported his neck, held his head and turned his face toward the night sky.

We were reminded again of how blessed we are, to be able to do the daily things that we take for granted.

The happiness from being able to see the night sky.

I want to show him much, much more stars.

Translated by Christine Shirota

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