May 25, 2011

His Condition is Worsening

Last night Hajime barely had any sleep. He had so much saliva and it was so hard to take care of. We vacuumed it out over and over again with the suction machine but it just kept coming out. What more is that he started having breathing problems and he couldn’t sleep because if it. He finally slept at a little past five o’clock in the morning.

For that reason, he didn’t go to school again.
He had a slight fever of a 99.4 too.

We had the first appointment at the Kaiser on Sunset, so we went. Afterwards, we met with the ALS clinic nurse.

As expected the nurse was very worried about Hajime’s breathing. To operate or not will be decided by Hajime and the social worker at the sessions. The nurse was especially concerned about the trip to Japan.

Regarding the timing of the tracheotomy, it might have been possible to do it a little later around August, but because we’d be in Japan at the time it is favorable to do it before we go to Japan.

Truthfully, I’m having problems reserving a flight also.

The BIPAP machine that we have to take is a plug in the socket type so we are told that we can’t take it into the plane with us… They are actually still in the process of asking. Or even if the main office permits it, because there are no sockets in Economy class, it wouldn’t work. For that reason it will be more costly.

And the main person, Hajime’s condition is very bad, and it was in these past 2 days that it has drastically changed. He really seems to be having a hard time constantly and because he’s so congested, he can’t even use the BIPAP machine.

This is much worse.
We may not be able to go to Japan anymore. Even if we plan the trip for an earlier date, if Hajime continues to be in this bad condition that he’s in, we can’t board the plane and leave.

The operation may not be an option right now, it maybe what’s absolutely necessarily right now already.

Translated by Christine Shirota

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