May 18, 2011

Left School Early Because He Was Coughing

This morning, the coughing was bad and it seemed like Hajime was suffocating a little. Although he wasn’t in a perfect condition, I made him go to school.

It was raining and very cold so I was thinking, “I hope he doesn’t catch a cold,” as I took the suction machine to school.

But at around 10 o’clock the school called and told me to pick him up right away because his coughing is so bad that he can’t stay and study in class. So I went to go pick him up.

Yesterday, when we went to the hospital, we were told, “Don’t use the patch as long as there’s an inflammation behind his ear!” So we were taking a break from the patch. For that reason, his coughing increased as of last night. So today, instead of the patch we will do something new and use a different medication.

It’s a drop type of medication, where 1 to 2 drops are put under the tongue, and since Hajime can’t move his tongue on his own, I lifted his tongue and put the medication under it.

We used this medication in the morning too, but there were too much saliva already so we couldn’t immediately see the effect. And after we got home from school, we tried the medication again. This time it worked really well, and Hajime was able to sleep well.

At night he had a slight fever (99.86) and we thought about taking him to the hospital, but we decided to wait and see. He seems okay for now.

But lately, his exhaustion is becoming very noticeable. For the past few days Hajime hasn’t been able to go to school for the whole day. What’s happening a lot now is that when he goes, the school calls us right away, and we have to go pick him up and he ends up sleeping at home anyways. When I think about how it might be the effect of this disease progressing again…it worries me.

It would be great if he can go to school without much health problems and full of energy, but the school is getting sensitive so he gets sent home right away. It’s a bit of a drawback or a fly in the ointment, but I know it’s a difficult situation.

Starting from tomorrow, there’s going to be a One-on-One Caregiver for Hajime. The school called us. I hope this person will be of great help.

Anyways, I want him to get better ASAP!

Translated by Christine Shirota (American English)

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