May 9, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, I received a very beautiful mother’s day card.

I was touched by everybody’s word for word.
Out of it all, Hajime’s message made me happy the most.

He made great effort and used his right hand that has weakened so much… Even though the shaking is pretty bad…

I was so happy.
When I thought of how hard it must’ve been to write, tears started to well up and I couldn’t say a word.

Hajime looked like he was having a difficult time today too.
The “Neck Muscle Weakening” has been noticeable from last Thursday. He seems to get very tired even when he’s at home.

Out of it, for a few days, I’ve been concerned about when he switches his sides during sleep. He can’t flip over and turn his head along with his body.

He puts his right hand behind his neck and he shifts his head himself. When I think about his current condition,

I’m thinking, “Shouldn’t I take him to Japan as soon as possible?”
I wish that Hajime’s wish will come true by everybody’s great support as soon as possible!

Translated by Christine Shirota.

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