May 13, 2011

Doctors' appointment

Today, we had appointments with two doctors in the afternoon.

First one was with a psychological doctor.
Hajime has had depression a little since he became ALS, and taking
anti - depression.
Tablet medicine was changed to syrup type to take it from G-tube.
Now, it may effect well as he seems a bit better to some extent.
But the depression will last more because his disease progresses too fast...

The doctor told him how amazing he was, and he was a great guy, many times.
However he never saw the doctor's eyes and looked aside.
Since he became sick, appointment and meeting at hospitals must be too
difficult, I see.

After the appointment, Hajime met the speech therapist.
This time was for a training on "tobil", the speaking device. It has
too much function to remember...
However he must have practice more because in the near future, it will
be required.

While the both meeting, Hajime was driveling and was difficult not to.

The patch makes him having rush a lot.
Though putting ointment to make it better, it seems Hajime scratches
and takes the patches out.
I hope treatment to start soon for stopping driveling.
This treatment will start from next Monday, so little more patience to
be needed.

But... it is too sad seeing him cannot stop driveling by his own...

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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