May 24, 2011

Have an operation before going to Japan...

This morning, I went to Hajime's school to recharge ENSURE and things.
But Hajime couldn't go today.

Because he felt breathing very difficult, we took an appointment to
the hospital and went to Kaiser's Pasadena.

He couldn't walk by his own from our car, and used wheelchair for
examination. Hajime was not well from the beginning to the end, and
complained about his sore throat.

I was afraid of him being pneumonia, that's why immediately I decided
to go to the hospital. Luckily enough, Hajime was not having pneumonia
and have no strange sound from his lung. I felt so happy for this

Back home with nothing was wrong, Hajime was calm relatively. He slept
very tight after that, and we were relieved...

However we got a call from ALS doctor in the afternoon telling us that
he would have to have an operation for tracheotomy. This suggestion
was made because the doctor of Pasadena informed to ALS doctor about
Hajime's condition.

My son's condition is that dangerous now.

Yet,decision for taking the operation or not will be up to Hajime
himself. So he will have a discussion with a social worker. My husband
and I will have a talk with a nurse in advance.

Breathing ability is the high priority. So, hospital staffs take this
situation more serious than we consider, it sounded.

In whatever case, I will try to do my best for tomorrow's discussion
with a nurse.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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