May 27, 2011

Thank You for Such a Wonderful Article

Last night we had an incident in which Hajime’s nose started bleeding however, it was good that he was able to speak with his favorite Grandma through Skype.
And at night he didn’t cough as much and he fell asleep easily.

But this morning he wasn’t doing well from the start and at school he was sleeping in the health office.
He went to his class in the afternoon and he pulled through till the end.

Hajime truly has many wonderful buddies.
Danny Shapiro is one of them.

His mother, Joan told me that he had this wonderful article put on the school newspaper.

He even put a picture of Hajime when he was younger on there and I was extremely touched.

Danny's younger brother Joey doesn't know Hajime personally but he's the one who first said, "I want to donate to Hajime". His mother tried to give Joey money to do so, but Joey refused to accept that and instead took out from the allowances he saved.
And then Danny also donated his allowances to Hajime.
This isn't somethig that anybody can do.
It truly made me happy.
Hajime looked really happy as he read the article.

Joan, thank you very much!

Translated by Christine Shirota (American English)

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