May 13, 2011

Little Brother's feeling

Today, there was an accident.

Hajime's little brother pointed out his drool.

"Bro, won't you stop dripping your drool onto the floor?"

Hajime was so upset and came to tell me because he cannot talk.
He made a lot of effort to explained what happened and his feeling
with a device.

For him, it was the worst thing he was afraid of pointed out, and he
did not do it on purpose, even he did not like it.
Yet he knew he couldn't help it, and felt so sorry and sad about it.

His little brother talked to me in tears.

"Mum and dad has to take care of my lil sis.
Big bro is sick.
So, where shall I be?"

Oh dear, this little man was so so stressed out.
So many things were in his small heart...

Hajime does not need to have full care yet and he can manage himself a lot.
But family started to be tired gradually.
Though everyone concerns and feels for Hajime very hard.

Well, but this is what we have to go through NOW.
So, I think of having a frank family talk.

The person who has the most anxiety is Hajime.
I have to protect our favorite smiles of Hajime...

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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