May 11, 2011

Exhaustion of the afternoon

From today, immediately Hajime went to school with the neck corset.
He went with smiles, and no sign of dislike the corset.
Phew, I am relived!

However, I wonder if this corset can support him further because his
neck muscle is weakened a lot.
Maybe better to have wider one...? Oh, it must be very hard
supporting his neck.

In this few days, his exhaustion is more visible than before.
I have heard that he took rest at the school clinic all day today
after lunch time G-tube.
Yesterday was the same...

Maybe because he has not been able to sleep a lot, I guess.
Yet this muscle atrophy also could be the reason for his exhaustion.

I told him going to bed earlier to have more rest from today.
But alas, he's still a teenager, meaning, he goes to bed late!

Oh son, go to bed NOW!

Translated by Satoko Okamoto.

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