Oct 13, 2011

We need help with the English Translations

I’d like to start off with a plea.

Is there anybody out there that can help translate this Japanese blog into English?
Please contact me if there’s somebody out there that can.
To the English Translation team, thank you very much for translating all the time.

Hajime is doing well as usual today.
Allison came during the day and in the afternoon Steve came.
Hajime looks really happy when he has visitors.

But the Cough Assist still seems to bother him.
Because we haven’t experienced this machine, we don’t know how much pain he has to withstand, but this machine is very important for his well being, we’d like for him to hang in there.

The day of discharge is set and to get ready for that, they have scheduled delivery of the necessities, which is tomorrow. Starting with the medical bed, it seems like they are bringing many things into our house.

I’m really happy now that the discharge date is set.
Hajime is having mixed emotions about this, but he is excited about being able to come home.

Translated by cks

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  1. Go to Microsoft Word and type your post in Japanese. Highlight what you have written, then right click. At the bottom of the pop up is “translate”. Click “translate”. When it pops up to the right tell it you want it to translate from Japanese to English. Click “insert” Copy the translation and paste into your blog. It does not write all of the words though. You can write the blog is Japanese and we can translate it to English ourselves. I posted both English and Japanese so you could see what I did. Hope this helps. Tell Hajime “hey”!!!

    Microsoft Word と日本語であなたの記事を入力します。何を書かれているし、右クリックを強調表示します。Pop の下部を「翻訳」です。「変換」をクリックします。それまでポップすると、右は日本語から英語に翻訳する教えてください。翻訳をコピーし、あなたのブログに貼り付けます。それすべての単語が書き込まれません。ブログ日本語で、私たちは私たち英語への翻訳することができますを書くことができます。何かを見ることが私は英語と日本語の両方を掲示されます。この支援を期待。肇「ちょっと」を教えて !