Oct 21, 2011

Great response to Hajime's video

I stayed at the hospital last night. Could not update my blog as I did not have my computer. Hajime is doing well.

The video that I created is getting a great response with increased number of access to my blog. Looks like the words have spread around at the hospital as well, where every person I ran into made a comment, “ I watched your video. It was beautiful! Brought me to tears. You are a very strong person”.I feel touched.

As the video is full of memories of Hajime for us, it makes me very emotional.
However, I was a little concerned that people may not get the message that I wanted to convey. I was wrong, it moved many people deeply.

Hajime's smile is truly warm and soothing. It gives me courage. It gives me energy. It gives me hope. I will cherish every day and keep it up for Hajime.

Today, his therapist and a computer rep from the hospital set up a connection for his iPod, so that he can listen to music.

Hajime listened to his favorite song called MACROSS “Do you remember love?” many times. He has never said he wanted to listen to music, but he was so happy listening to music for a long time.

It makes me happy that at lease there is one thing that he can enjoy.

Translated by Yoko Boyles


  1. Glad he is able to listen to his music. I would go crazy not being able to listen to music. Music for me brings a lot of emotions, smiles, and at times sadness as it takes me back to a place in time. I listen to a lot of Christian music that inspires me and brings me to a place of contentment! Tell Hajime hey and to smile for me:)

  2. Astaxanthin.... I don't know if you have heard of this supplement but is supposed to help with neurogenerative disorder symptoms . My daughter is a senior at south Pasadena and told me of this brave young man . I felt the need to pass along this information in the hope that it may help in some way. I wish all the best for you Hajime , and your loving family . Lydia butler