Oct 12, 2011

He can leave the hospital soon!

We had a 24-hour training for the weekend,
and finally, the date of his leaving the hospital was settled.
We talked about the topic in today's meeting.

It's going to be on October 27th, Thursday.

Finally, Hajime will be able to go home.
When I look back, time flew like an arrow, but actually many days have passed by.
It's been already the fifth month since he was hospitalized for emergency on May 31st.

He can stay in this hospital for rehabilitation for only 100 days
owing to the insurance policy.
Actually, I expected he couldn't stay for as many as 100 days,
and chose the hospital in Orange County.
But it's amazing that we have come to the very limit.
I cannot believe that we have come here every day taking one hour one way.

As a matter of fact, we can stay here until November 2nd,

but since I wished to spend Halloween at home,
we have chosen the date.

Right away at night, a dealer contacted us to tell that
they wanted to deliver a medical bed, which surprised us a lot.
To deliver a bed, today!?
I told them not to deliver one tonight...

Hajime looks calm.
I've heard that he hates the Cough Assist he has just started,
and he told them he doesn't want to use it.
We have planned to order one to use at home,
but now we have a problem what we should do about it.
I talked about it with Hajime at night.

I told him there will be huge risk if he doesn't use the machine.
Hajime understood what I told him, and gave an answer,
"Let me try!"
It hurts me a lot to see him suffering from chest pain,
but it can't be helped in order to protect him from infection and pneumonia.

I cannot help shedding tears to think of the pain to face the disease like this.
But I have to fight the disease with Hajime too!
Thinking so, I'm supporting Hajime.

Translated by YT

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