Oct 4, 2011

I will never regret

Today, I could be at Hajime's hospital just a little. But he relieved me
with his usual smile.

Yesterday's Viber, chat he told me he felt lonely, but I could not go
there. I regret it significantly. So, the distance between the home and
the hospital is troublesome.

I am afraid of regretting anything recently. Every moment is precious.
And I want to treat them as much as possible. So I try to communicate
with him the best so that I will never regret.

To have dimond-wise one moment and one second.

This evening, suddenly my friend invited me to a concert of "Dreams Come
True" ( the Japanese Duo). I went there to have refreshment for the
4months's time. And had such a lovely time!

Their songs and musics reaches to the core of the hearts.
I enjoyed each piece thinking of Hajime.

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