Oct 2, 2011

An Amazing Garden

From the morning today, three friends came to take care of our backyard.
They are Liliana, Lauren, and Natali. When it finished, an amazing
garden was done. This picture was taken in the garden.

From the left, Lauren, Liliana and Natali.

They are friends of our loving Joan. They worked for our garden so that
Hajime would be able to enjoy the beautiful garden when he comes home.
All the works are done by the volunteer and donations.

I hope the flowers are blooming when Hajime's back home :)

I showed the garden to Hajime through Facetime, and he was happy saying
"How nice!"

I went to the Hospital with Ryo. Hajime was longing for the reunion with
Ryo, so he was so happy. Battling the games and talking with iPad, the
communication they did was so beautiful.

At that night, Steve and Pat came to visit Hajime and gifted a cap to him.

This is the hat they bought when they got on to the battleship New
Jersey. How precious....

They come every week to talk with Hajime. Hajime is getting knowing many
things. Hajime looks forward to this time every week. I really
appreciate to them. Thank you!

But one thin I worry about him was having a bit a lot of secretion
today, and seemed he was troubled.

Translated by STK

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  1. My husband and I were so happy to contribute to Hajime's garden via Lauren. Lauren always shows so much compassion and kindness. She enjoyed working on the garden and we know that it is a beautiful place for Hajime to "hang out." God bless you.