Oct 27, 2011

Nurses that we met

As the time to leave the hospital nears, we feel sad to leave.

The beginning days at this hospital were pretty difficult. There were not many people who were familiar with ALS, and things were very different from the previous hospital.

Hajime wanted to go home as he was unsettled and not feeling comfortable.

However, after three months or so, everyone became like family members. It seems like a long time ago.

We had a very good relationship with the doctors as well and talked a lot about Hajime's future and current conditions. Hard to believe that we will be saying good bye to the doctors soon.

Today, we met a nurse who is assigned to come to our house to help us. She is hired by our angel, Mr. Stu at ALSGA. He arranged the one-week nursing service for us. We can't thank him enough for all the help he has provided to us.

The kind looking nurse's name is Tammy and she lives in El Monte. She looked a little surprised to see Hajime for the first time, but I hope we can have a trusting relationship.

We will see her again at home next Monday when Hajime leaves the hospital.

It's been a busy day, it really feels like Hajime is coming home soon.
It's happening shortly.

Translated by Yoko B.

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