Oct 26, 2011

Hero of the month

Last night, Hajime told me the following things;

I'm scared to go to sleep.
It is like next time I wake up I'm dead.

Hajime says recently he thinks that way.
He says he has a feeling like this.
It breaks my heart to think my son is feeling fear of death every day...
I told him God will save him and there is nothing to worry about.
God will lead our life for the better stage...

But today, Hajime is so fine.

He has had heavy secretion and even though I try to absorb it,
something has been stuck and has never come out.
After trying the cough assist, an amazingly huge lump came out!
Until yesterday, plenty of secretion was accumulated
and a lump comes out after another.
Cough assist has a really tremendous power.

Today, we've got a secret party for Hajime.
It was...

Hero of the month

He was chosen as the hero????
We have kept it a secret to Hajime,
so he didn't know who would come
and what would happen.
We took him on a wheelchair.
Hajime looked so worried.

 Later, we went to the party...
Hajime appeared, welcomed by cheers of many people.

Hajime must have been happy to have many friends with him.
Many friends came from Pasadena taking an hour to see Hajime.

Got plenty of presents, including his favorite game soft!
It is the one which has gone on sale just today!
Besides, he's got a photo from Hajime walk,
when our church youth group walked for Hajime.

We were so impressed.

Thank you so much for everybody's kindness.

Translated by Yuki Taterin

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  1. After I read your latest post, I prayed for ya’ll. I am following a lot of PALS and families affected with ALS, and I feel a sense of family with everyone. I thought for six months I was also going to die from ALS. Mom passed away from ALS in 2004, and I started having similar symptoms. It turned out to be something else. So please tell Hajime, I know what it feels like, but I want him to have a different outlook concerning death. I don’t want him to fear death.

    My mom knew Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior, so when she died she knew she would be with Jesus in Heaven. I know you have talked previously about God, and I know it is a very personal thing that some people do not like to talk about. But, I want Hajime comfortable knowing that if he has prayed and asked Jesus to come into his heart to be His Lord and Savior that He does not have to fear death! If this is something he has not already done, it is as simple as A B C : A: Admit you are a sinner (Romans 3:23) B: Believe in Jesus (Acts 16:31) C: Confess your sins (1 John 1:9)

    I hope that both of you have made that decision and trusted in Him alone to get to Heaven. Mom would have thought her death would have been all worthwhile if someone came to know Jesus because of her death. ~ Blessings, Judy