Oct 24, 2011

His warm hands

I was not able to update my blog yesterday due to a power outage. There will be one more black out next Sunday and I am very concerned. Hajime will be at home by then and I worry about the battery and oxygen supply.

Hajime is also worried, but he is doing well as usual.

For the last few days, I have been pushing myself to prepare the house for him to come home. I can't wait to have him back at home, but at the same time, I am very scared. What if.....What if something goes wrong? Well, all I can do is to believe in god and keep going.

I talked to him a lot while I was holding his warm hands. About when he was little, all the good memories, his sickness and concerns in the future....

I remember Hajime often telling me when he was little, “Mom, I will protect you!” And he still means it. I can't help crying when I feel his love for me. Why him?

He is always so kind to us. He is truly like an angel. I just want to look at his smile forever.

Recently, I have been crying a lot.

Please, god help Hajime.

Translated by Yoko B,.

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  1. It's me again! I just wanted to tell you to enjoy each day with Hajime. It is hard, but try to focus on the good instead of being sad. I wanted to share my photo blog with you. I don't know if Hajime likes birds and nature, but it will help him see the outside which always make me happy. Blessings ~ Judy