Oct 7, 2011

Life of a day

I have been making Hajime's movie from yesterday. But filled with tears
while I was making it. Hajime's face when he was fine made me smile.
Very good face.

As I could not upload an article yesterday, I upload for 2days. Well,
Hajime enjoys playing game all day long.

Oh, we had a thing like this.

Yesteday, Hajime was playing games all the time even not taking shower.
So, daddy said "Please take shower if you want to play games all day long!"

Not only fun, but achieving even one thing a day... Now Hajime is having
fun a lot, after he achieved playing games by his own. But instead of
just having fun, do something like taking shower, getting on the
wheelchair... yes, they are also important. With doing both, we can have
an enriched day. Fun is not just a fun, with doing this. He thinks like

If entertainment of playing game is just as it is, one day, it will not
become entertainment. He said he was worrying about it.

But *I* think like this.

Hajime has limited time. Certainly, "do something and do some fun" it is
important, and the fun would not become fun if it was continued. It may
cause the disappointment, in the future.

Yet, we never know when Hajime's toes are paralyzed, neither. How good
to make each day happy day for Hajime, I think... So, rather than
worrying about future, for me it is more important to cherish each moment.

Finally he could have one thing he can fully enjoy. His neck, his hands
are not moving anymore, cannot eat, only lying on the bed. Finally, he
got a moment he feels fun. Although his toes will not move in the
future, but he can play the games he gave up. It is like a dream come true!

I don't know what is the best. Of course having on and off is important.
But for me, to let Hajime spend a day with fun is the most important.

What would you think, if your son is like this?

Translated by STK


  1. I don't really know what I think. Hygiene is important, but with me a shower is a must everyday...with few exceptions. I asked my 19 year old daughter for her opinion. Basically she agreed with the statement I made that when he felt "dirty" enough he would tell you and not to push it. There may be times he is too lazy and you can step in and insist. That is a tough one. Teenagers are a funny breed!!! I have two!! I'm glad he is having fun! Tell him I said I am glad he is having fun and to smile:) Keep up your good work:)

  2. It's me again! I asked someone familiar with the eye gaze system where Hajime can used the computer to communicate and play games when he can't use his toes. I don't know what your insurance will do for you, but I would suggest to look into these systems. A guy on twitter sent me this link for you to watch. http://tinyurl.com/6cwtwua It shows a man using his eyes to fly a plane on a computer game!! Hope all is well. Tell Hajime hey and to smile:)

  3. Thank you Judy! Your comment is so helpful. Hajime has eye gaze :)