Oct 22, 2011

Not to waste time

Hajime will be leaving the hospital very soon. The last five months seemed like a long time, but it went by fast. I am scared. because I can't help thinking about what if something goes wrong at home......

I went to the hospital late today as I was cleaning the house and running errands. While staying at the hospital as long as possible, I put away other things like cleaning the house after moving. Same thing with Hajime's room. I regret that I waited till the last minute.

At the hospital, there was a weekly replacement of trach. This is the last time before he leaves the hospital, and it was my turn to do it. I was pretty nervous.

Replacing trach went smoothly, and moved on to trach care.

When I was tying the trach, it got caught with hajime's hair. It was upsetting to see him in pain. I told myself to be really careful next time with his longer hair when I put my hands behind his neck

There has not been enough time to get his hair cut at the hospital, but I will try to do it.

Will continue to take care of so many other things I need to do.

Keep it up!

Translated by YOKO B.

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