Oct 16, 2011

Day Breaks

Even though Oxygen level is still low somewhat, Hajime is getting is being recovered. Nevertheless, we are worried what can be done if something happens while he is at home.

The ventilator at the hospital can increase the Oxygen level as much as 100%, but the one to be used at home does not function like that. The manual adjustment is required and it can go at most 40% with the tank equipped at home.

This worries me what can be done in case of emergency… will see Doctor and ask.

Hajime looked fine just as usual, and we played the game. He is very good at the game and almost always wins. Even he plays with his toes and I use my fingers… I think he is most excited when plays with his brother and/ or friends who can be very competitive.

All right! I am going to improve my skill for good matches!

Translated by YM

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