Oct 8, 2011

24hr Training

Today is the day of the “24hour” Training.
It was decided at the meeting we had Tuesday and I am nervous.
When I pass this training, the discharge date will be set and we can finally go home.
I won’t pass if Hajime is feels uncomfortable.

From today till tomorrow it is my turn and my husband will take my place tomorrow and start his training. We are both very nervous.

We had to exchange his trach tube today and it was my turn. I had two standards to meet so I was super nervous.

But without any trouble, I passed. Maybe it was good that I reviewed beforehand. The hardest part was getting his medicine ready, but I did really well with remembering everything that I was told, “Mom you’re doing a great job!”

I’m worried about sleeping at night, but I think I want to keep up with how I’m doing right now.

Translated by CKS

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