Oct 19, 2011

Doctors meeting

He slept well last night and got up early this morning.

The doctor came to ask Hajime a lot of questions including tough ones to answer such as whether to accept CPR or not. Hajime tried to answer one by one.

We had a meeting with seven doctors today including a doctor from Kaiser.
It was long and lasted for two hours.
The meeting was focused on our questions that were given to them earlier.

We decided to go with palliative care.
This service is administered at home without going to a hospital with several visits a week from a nurse and a doctor as well if it's necessary.
In an emergency case, we could go to an ER, so we can be flexible.

Hajime was tired from playing video games all day, but he played with his father all evening as he was really looking forward to it.
His dad never wins.

Hajime's toes operate the remote better than his father.

(Translated by Yoko B.)

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