Oct 9, 2011

Finished safely!

Thanks to everyone, and on top of everything, energy from God, we could
finish 24hours training.

Before the training we were so nervous, but when it started, it was just
as review of everything we learned. So, we could do it relaxed, not
tensed. About the medicine, because it was in the nurse's withdraw, I
worried if I could get one smooth, but I could!

At night, we have to do the same as when Hajime would come back home,
put alarm on, and changed his position every 3hours, yes, I hassled! I
had imagined maybe we might not have no time to sleep, but there were,
it was amazing!

Doing everything by myself, and I could become confident in caring
Hajime. Doing is having confidence.

After 24hours training, my muscles were so tensed and painful because
maybe I got my nerve. But well, it will be everyday work, so should make
practice a lot.

Yes, we will do it!

Oh yeah, I have done a lot of preview with this paper!

Translated by STK

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