Oct 15, 2011

Oxygen level Decrease

The bed & other living wares had been delivered to home one after another.
The bed is so compact and simple, unlike the one at the hospital.

I am surprised how fast the things are going on once the Hajime’s date of discharge is determined, and I really cannot wait for him come back home.

But it happened a little worried tonight…

Today was a day of tracy change, but Hajime’s physical condition had drastically changed for worse after then and the oxygen level went down even as low as [80] and not recovered quite some time. It is very dangerous that the oxygen level down to this much.

The secretion which was in the back is now coming up, whether or not of the effect of the recent Cough assist, however it is very strong mucus and hard to absorb. Hajime is at risk of life, unless otherwise this mucus is sucked up.

I was terribly worried about him getting less conscious because of lack of oxygen. Hajime was crying with fear. I kept telling him “Hang in there, Hajime! We all are here with you” while I was also in fear…

The Oxygen level was raised to 50% and then he was getting better and around at [97] after all. The amount of gas in the blood was examined, and it’s okay.

Always something unexpected happens at tracy change, we have to be careful and be prepared. It is still very important to do this, tracy change, to prevent infection.

There is no end to the worries…

Translated by YM

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