Oct 3, 2011

Thank you Frank!

Mark came again today. They played games together and Hajime seemed very happy.
I am so glad for him that he made such a great friend!

Today my husband had a doctor’s appointment and there was also a farewell party for our beloved pastor Frank. So we could only stay at the hospital for a short time but Hajime was smiling at us like always.

He has a lot of secretions today too, coughed several times and I thought that the progress of the disease must be affecting it. The secretion is causing it so I’m really worried.

In the afternoon we left the hospital and headed for the farewell party. Frank has worked so hard for our family, he was the first one at the hospital when Hajime was hospitalized and supported us. He came to the hospital when Hajime had surgery in his lungs.
We really feel sorry and sad that someone who has done so much for us is leaving. But wherever he is at we are friends and also a family. I’m sure he will take care of Hajime from now on also.

Frank, thank you for doing so much for our family and Hajime!

After the party, I texted with Hajime who’s at the hospital, using a free application called Viber. What more is that I could use Japanese…Wonderful! And it’s good that Hajime makes faces using letters and symbols so I could understand how he’s feeling.

I continued chatting with Hajime who seemed sad at the hospital.

The messages with my beloved Hajime. It was a special moment.
He truly is a kind child.

Translated by CS


  1. Thank you Judy! He give me a BIG smile when I told about your message "Keep Smiling". :)

  2. I just want Hajime to know I am praying for him and thinking about him even though we have never met! You talk so much about his smile, and I know you are very proud of him! Keep up the good work:) Please tell him "hey" for me and to "keep smiling!" I enjoyed reading your message above!! Thanks:) Judy

  3. Thank you for your message all the time. Yes, I am proud of Hajime. His smile will help us and give us courage. Hajime hear about your comments responded with a smile.