Apr 21, 2011

Photo Sticker

There is the photo sticker Hajime likes the most. 
Here is it. 

This is the one he took in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles, when he went along with the Church youth members, and he prizes very much.   Hajime couldn’t make any friends while he was in Japan… maybe because of his LD.  He wished he could have good friends someday. He is always in a graceful manner and very friendly, so he was soon making friends when he moved to USA.  However, he might not know well how to get along with friends, and might rather long for.   He sometimes even envied kids who took photo stickers. 

I am very happy that Hajime did join the youth-group at the church.   He keeps this photo sticker by putting a tape on it, even when peeled and faded, and it tells me how important this is for him. So, he must have a very good time with his friends on this photo.  I would like to keep this mobile with the photo sticker on as long as possible. 

(translated by YM & RM)

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